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The Administa WritingHub Employer Dashboard is the ultimate command center for employers, providing them with unparalleled authority.

The Administa WritingHub bidder dashboard provides staff-level permission to the user, enabling them to perform a variety of tasks.

The Administa WritingHub writer dashboard provides real-time updates on order progress for writers.

Multiple accounts

The Administa WritingHub offers employers the ability to effortlessly register multiple accounts, accompanied by its advanced features that enable precise tracking of financial metrics. These metrics include writers' earnings, bidders' earnings, employer profits, bonuses, fines, and total previous earnings for each registered account. Additionally, the system provides an insightful analysis of the overall output generated by all registered accounts across various platforms.

Emailing and archiving feature

The emailing feature integrated into the Administa WritingHub empowers the employer to send targeted emails to individual writers or distribute a general email to the entire workforce with a single click.

The system ensures the closure of paid orders through its auto-archive feature, which activates 45 days after order approval. Users can also manually archive orders after payment, promoting a more efficient and structured workflow.

Automated Profit Calculation and Suspension Lift

The Administa WritingHub accurately calculates the profits of employers after deducting payments made to bidders and writers, regardless of the number of fines and bonuses imposed on orders.

Once the suspension period is over, the system automatically reactivates access for suspended users. However, employers have the authority to lift the suspension manually, even before the designated suspension end date.

Rating and badge system

The badge and rating level showcase the writer's performance and reputation on the platform, reflecting their skills and professionalism. Based on the overall rating, the system assigns a writer badge, such as gold, silver, or bronze, to recognize the writer's performance.

Top-ranked and lowest-ranked writers in terms of pay and rating

The Administa WritingHub enables employers to pinpoint the 5 highest-paid and highest-rated writers, as well as the 5 lowest-paid and lowest-rated writers. This feature facilitates tracking of writers' professionalism and performance.

How it works
How it Works?


How does the referral system work?

You receive free subscription points when a new user signs up using your referral code and subscribes to a biweekly or monthly plan. You earn 300 points when your referral chooses a biweekly plan and 500 points for a monthly plan. Upon gathering 1,500 points, you can redeem them for a free one-month subscription. Please note that points are not awarded for users selecting the free plan.

What does the term "actual budget" refer to, and why is it important?

Actual budget is the share or portion that you, as an employer, will be paid by your writing company based on a particular order. The actual budget is important in determining employers' profit per order. Therefore, the system will sum up writers' and editors' pay in that order and subtract it from the actual budget, the balance will be the profit that the employer will earn from that particular order. N/B Convert your share of pay per order from your writing account, e.g., Essaypro, from dollars to Ksh; the output is what you use as the actual budget when posting the order. Pick a conversion rate based on the current dollar market that you will be using.

How does the writer badge system work?

Writers attain the prestigious Gold Badge when their rating reaches an outstanding 4.7 or above, signifying exceptional quality. Achieving a rating between 4.3 and 4.7 earns them the esteemed Silver Badge, highlighting commendable work. Writers below the 4.3 mark receive the esteemed Bronze Badge, acknowledging their dedication to improvement and participation.

How is lateness score calculated?

The lateness score is determined by examining unpaid orders that have exceeded their expected delivery times. Once an order has been paid for, it is removed from the list of late orders to maintain accuracy in the assessment.

What is admin profits?

The admin profit denotes the total earnings acquired by an employer after the disbursement of payments to writers and bidders during a specific invoice period.

What does "summary" feature in the wallet section do?

The wallet section's "Summary" function gives you a detailed breakdown of payments across all accounts registered in the administa-system. For instance, if you have two accounts, Essaypro and Edusson, you can access comprehensive data of each account in terms of profits, bonuses, fines, writer and bidder payments, previous transactions, and your total income. This feature empowers you, as an employer, to effectively track the performance of your accounts, helping you discern which accounts generate the most profit, pay writers and bidders the most or least, apply fines or rewards bonuses more frequently, and more.